Monday, April 16, 2012

RSS Feeds to Journal Articles

Make science reading a regular part of your life.  I use Google Reader as my electronic reader of choice.  I feed my favorite blogs, news papers, and journal articles to my reader by clicking on the RSS feed button on their webpages. 
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed button
To get started, you'll need a google account.  Sign in and start adding RSS feeds to your google reader:

When you click on the RSS feed button on a page, sometimes it will ask you what you'd like to read it on.  Just click on Google and add it to your Reader. 

Once you've got some fun stuff in line to read, start exploring it on the webpage.  Sometimes a feed will just give you a title or an abstract that you'll have to click on for more, but sometimes you can read the full article right on your Reader. 

Now get the Google Reader App for your favorite device and visit it whenever you get some down time!

Here's a few suggested sources for weather, climate, and science folks:

 For fun:

Look right!  I have a Subscribe to Posts RSS feed that you should click on just under the Metro logo!

Here's what my reader looks like on my computer: