Weather Links


Sample weather discussion layout and links:
In preparation:  Read the NWS Denver discussion

Current Observations/Analysis
     Pretty Wind Map:
     US Radar Loop (WI page)
     Northern Rockies Radar (NOAA)
     Denver Radar (NWS)
       Visible GOES 16 (East)
       Infrared GOES 16 (East)
       Mid-level water vapor GOES 16 (East)
       Water Vapor GOES West
       GOES 16-- other choices from the WI page.  You can also find GOES 16 on COD.
     Synoptic Overview:
       Synoptic overview (Highs, Lows, fronts)
     Surface Observations:
       Surface Station Plots from RAL
     Current Soundings:    
      Station soundings from RAL
      Archived Soundings from U-Wyoming
    Advanced analysis:
       Q vectors from Heather at Albany
       Dynamic Tropopause
       Isentropic Analysis

Forecast Meteogram: 
COD Model Animator
   Show Surface-SLP and 6 hr precip
   Show  850mb Temperature
   Show 500mb Vorticity
   Show 300mb Wind speeds
Tropopause Folding links:

- Click on day prior to today, under "Model: raqms_1x1" (top model), drop down O3 (click on triangle netx to O3), clink "play" on 40N or 38N to look at cross sections
 295K Potential Vorticity and Pressure from the GFS
- Look at different levels of O3

Other links:
CSU's model comparison
Precip Probabilities from the WPC (winter accumulation)
SREF Plumes (nice for snow accumulation)
Even more satellite options from NASA

Colorado State Links
Model encyclopedia
Pressure of Tropopause from Utah
College of DuPage Weather animator
NCAR RAP Real-time weather data
UW-Madison weather page
Wunderground map
AMS Data Streme Project Great starting place-- daily summaries
University of IL Weather page Great temperature plots
NOAA's Storm Prediction Center
CU's Forecasting Links
Boulder campus weather obs
NWS Denver forecast
NWS discussion
NWS DIA hourly obs
NWS Climatology for Denver
CIMSS Tropical Weather
NOAA's Storm Prediction Center
SPC Short Range Ensemble Forecast
SPC map manually add layers for severe weather
SPC Mesoanalysis, click on area of interest for interactive maps/
Weather Spark History and Forecast compared to climo

Case Study data:
NOAA's Storm Events page
Iowa State's Archive of gempak data
Wxcaster imagery

Week in review links
 300 mb loop
 500 mb loop
 SFC temp, pressure
 SFC synoptic with radar
 SFC synoptic without radar
 IR Sat composite
True color Terra/Modis satellite image
 Denver obs, 3 day history
Current and archived soundings--Wyoming page

Pretty Wind maps:,-104.985,4

Student, Faculty, friends, and Alumni Weather Blogs  Nick Barlow and Alan Smith's Rocky Mountain snow forecasting blog Dr. Ng contributes to this blog  

Favorite links of students
Colorado Avalanche Information Center Models
Tropical Tidbits

College of DuPage Forecast Animator
NCAR Ensemble Forecasts (new)

Good archive of imagery:
NASA Earth Observatory
National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP)