Dynamic Meteorology

Dynamic meteorology (MTR 3450) is usually the most difficult course any meteorologist is required to take on their way towards graduation.  It covers the forces that act on air parcels in the atmosphere and builds into deriving the equations of motion that govern the movement of the air.  These very equations are those that help us forecast the weather.  Because the earth is a spinning sphere, these equations are downright disgusting.  The course requires that students enter having taken a large number of calculus and physics courses first.  I took Dynamics at the University of Wisconsin from the author of our textbook, Jon Martin.  I also got my PhD under John Cassano, the co-author of our supplemental textbook for the course.  Although contact with the very best dynamic teachers in the country should make this course a breeze to teach, this is by far the most challenging course I teach.  Preparation requires me to remind myself of the rules of calculus and geometry every fall.