Global Climate Change

I teach MTR 1600, Global Climate Change.  It fulfills the natural and physical science requirement, as well as the global diversity requirement.  My course includes the science of global warming, the impacts of it, and solutions to climate change.  I believe every future K-12 teacher, journalist, scientist, engineer, and people with interest in this earth-shatteringly relevant and pressing problem needs to take this course.  I only wish I could offer larger sections of it to reach more students each semester.  Beyond your typical science course, this course includes a fun writing project that I lead students through.  Students also learn to create some pretty intense graphs in Excel to use in their writing.

Textbook used for the course
Description:  This course presents the science behind global climate change from an Earth systems and atmospheric science perspective. These concepts then provide the basis to explore the effect of global warming on regions throughout the world. This leads to the analysis of the observed and predicted impacts of climate change on these regions; the effect of these changes on each region's society, culture, and economy; and the efforts of these regions to mitigate or adapt to climate change. The interdependence of all nations will be discussed in regards to fossil fuel-rich regions, regions responsible for greenhouse gas emissions, and regions most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.  3 credits. (General Studies:  Natural and Physical Science, Global Diversity requirements)

Playlists:  If you take this class in person, you will be exposed to all of this material in the classroom, usually not in movie form.  If you take this class online, you'll probably end up having to watch one of these playlists each week.  I'm constantly updating these as I find good videos, as other videos get caught for copyright issues and are taken down, and as the material changes I try to update my own videos once a year where necessary.  If you are interested in learning about climate change without getting credit for my course, I invite you to enjoy these playlists.  I keep most of these hidden/unlisted on YouTube to avoid the trolls, but they are available if you have the link, so you can share them.  

One of my students' favorites is this playlist, which gets at why climate denial exists:  

  1.  The Climate System (including feedbacks)
  2. Global Energy Balance and the Greenhouse Effect
  3. Evidence the Globe is Warming and is Anthropogenic
  4. Climate Projections of the Future
  5. Sea Level Rise
  6. Climate Change Impacts
  7. Mitigation and Adaptation
Remember, I also teach in the Edx MOOC Denial101x and here is the link to my videos and the link to the Denial 101x Playlist and YouTube Channel.