My research interests fall into four categories, but they are ever-expanding:
1.  Greenland Synoptic Climatology
2.   Planetary wave stagnation and amplification with climate change hypothesis and the possible relationship to extreme events (the 2013-14 winter of the "Polar Vortex" and western drought, for example). 
  • I have a directed study student helping me dive into this lingering complex question.  Shoot me an email if you'd like to read the current literature on the topic! 
3.  Climate Change Communication and Pedagogy
  • Using a sort of global village project in the form of student blogs to create a global perspective on climate change and measuring that change via surveys. The results were published in the Journal of Geoscience Education in Septembet 2014.  
  • Agnotology-based teaching-- I will be taking part in teaching a MOOC using these techniques and I also use them in my classroom
4.  The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
      a.  Learner Centered Teaching
      b.  Annotated Syllabi
      c.  Teaching with Technology
  •  Student Generated Content-- students writing blog posts and commenting on the posts of others in an introductory Global Climate Change course (published and presented)  
  •  Computer labs (exploration labs) that teach students several pieces of meteorology software and coding languages to senior meteorology majors in a synoptic meteorology course
  •  Using clickers to encourage full student involvement in an integrated natural science course, flipped classrooms, Just in Time Teaching.