Friday, May 25, 2012

Interview on Fox 31

Fox 31's Dave Young interviewed me about the relationship between global warming and human health on Tuesday, in anticipation of a paper being released on the topic the next day called "Killer Summer Heat."  (The paper was not written by me, nor had I read it before the interview because it wasn't out yet.)  This happened to be the day Denver broke its daily high temperature record by a few degrees.  The new record was 93 degrees compared to the old record of 90 set in 1939.  My car was in the shop and I was working from home, so they visited me in my back yard for the interview!  Luckily, this is a topic we cover in MTR 1600:  Global Climate Change, so I was very familiar with the concepts.  Take my course this fall if you'd like to learn more!  I haven't actually watched the interview due to my embarrassment over watching myself on film, but I hope it turned out well.

Maybe next time they'll give me enough warning to have done my hair!  ;)