Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Sandy at noon mountain time on Sunday
The front range got our first significant snow this week after a dusting a while back.  I think I got about 5 inches at my house.  This same system is headed to the northeast towards southeastern Canada, and the cold air mass reaching down behind it is the cold air mass on the west side of Frankenstorm, also known as Hurricane Sandy.  Weather models are calling for Hurricane Sandy to make landfall in New Jersey Monday evening.  The hurricane has taken on extra-tropical properties as it approached the cold air mass left by this Colorado snow system.  The heavily populated upper east coast is going to be greatly affected starting this evening.  

I've been "scooping" articles and imagery and have collected them here:  I'll continue to update this as the storm makes landfall.

If you are seeing this as the system is hitting, check out this awesome satellite imagery of the storm:  Rapid Scan

Here's a great weather discussion of how odd and historic this storm is turning out to be from a meteorologist perspective:  The Great halloween hybrid named Sandy

Forecast from a few days ago.