Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Conferences and Graph-Making Tutorial Video

I attended AGU's fall meeting in December with 20,000 other geoscientists.  I gave my first talk at this conference in an education session on climate literacy.  It was very exciting!   I spent the week attending talks on climate change communication and cryosphere talks.  I'm still processing all of the great links, articles, and book recommendations (one that I got for Christmas!) and will be sure to share my favorites with you as I go. 

I also had the opportunity to attend a STEM conference back on October in Kansas City.  I got a few ideas from this conference and one was to use screen-capture software to create video tutorials.  I got the software "SnagIt" and am using it to create tutorials on graph making and other computer stuff that I use in class.  My audience is students who have come to the computer lab and gone through this process with me very slowly, went home later, and forgot how to do something.  Therefore, I go through things rather quickly in the video to keep it efficient. 

Graphing in Excel: