Saturday, February 16, 2013

Teacher Scholar Forum

My science literacy faculty learning community is giving two presentations at the MSU Denver Teacher Scholar Forum on Friday, February 22 at 2:30.

Techniques for enhancing science literacy in introductory science courses
Workshop participants will be exposed to several teaching techniques for enhancing science literacy in their classrooms.  An introductory science course might be the last science course a student ever takes.  What should they take away from that course about science itself?  We will explore the following five teaching techniques during the interactive workshop:  using primary sources in the classroom, understanding subjectivity and objectivity, enhancing engagement in introductory classes, analyzing graphical data, and the science writing heuristic.  Participants will take away concrete examples of these techniques and have the opportunity to formulate and discuss ideas for implementing these techniques in their classrooms.  

In NC 1515 half of my group will be covering teaching techniques on the following:
  • understanding subjectivity and objectivity using a hands-on classification activity
  • analyzing graphical data in the introductory classroom
In NC 1311, myself and the other half of my group will be covering the following techniques:
  • using primary sources in the classroom
  • enhancing engagement in introductory classes using iClickers
  • using a science writing heuristic technique for guiding inquiry-based laboratory experiments
It sounds like the whole day will be filled with great presentations!  I'm particularly excited for the keynote speaker Terry Doyle, as well as the Just in time teaching presentation at 3:30.