Saturday, February 28, 2015

Summer and Fall Course Offerings

We have planned quite the line-up for summer and fall courses in Meteorology.  If you are a MSU Denver student, a weather hobbyist, or a student somewhere else, these courses are for you!  (I have found these courses transfer easily and we're happy to provide any paperwork you need to do so.)

1.  I'm teaching MTR 1600 Global Climate Change online this summer.  This fulfills the Natural and Physical Science requirement AND the Global Diversity requirement.  The course covers the science, impacts, and solutions of global warming.  I teach the course through a series of online videos.  Basically you'd sit down and watch a YouTube playlist that alternates between my lectures (with slides) and awesome videos made by NASA, NOAA, and other sources with spectacular graphics.  Then you'd do a bit of reading and go take a weekly quiz.  I also have a series of short, prescribed writing assignments that get you exploring the effects of global warming on other countries.  This has and always will be my favorite course to teach. 

2.  Professors Ng and Wagner are teaching MTR 1400 Weather and Climate online this summer.  This course fulfills the Natural and Physical Science requirement and is also the first course Meteorology majors and minors take.  This course covers everything from tornadoes to frontal systems to hurricanes. 

3.  Professor Wagner is offering MTR 2020, the 1-credit lab that majors and minors and ENV majors should take along with or after MTR 1400.  This is our first time offering the course during the summer, but we are doing it because it is a prereq for Synoptic Meteorology which is only offered in the fall and is a sort of gateway to the meteorology major and minor.

4.  Professors Ng and Landolt are offering their Weather Analysis and Observation course, which is a Maymester course that involves traveling the Great Plains in search of severe weather, then taking measurements and learning how to forecast.  I joined them last year for a week and it was epic!  This class has a few prerequisites for obvious safety reasons, but if you have a basic meteorology background and are interested in joining, it can't hurt to ask! is Dr. Ng's contact info.

5.  I'm taking a group of students on an Alaskan Glacier cruise for Maymester.  Unfortunately this class is already full, but stay tuned for future trips. 

6.  This fall Professor Landolt and I are offering MTR 1300 Colorado Weather Extremes for the first time!  This course fulfills the Natural and Physical Science requirement, but is not meant for majors or minors, just weather enthusiasts!  Here's our description:

Colorado experiences one of the most extreme varieties of weather conditions and residents know that weather can change on a dime with rapid temperature and precipitation-type swings in a matter of minutes.  This course will use Colorado weather extremes such as mountain blizzards, upslope snow events, chinook wind storms, flash floods, wildfire weather conditions, the persistent brown cloud, super cells, lightning, tornadoes, gustnadoes, and landspouts, to explain the physical science and meteorology of the atmosphere.  Students will learn the science behind how these weather extremes develop, understand the uncertainties involved in forecasting them, and be exposed to a variety of historic extreme weather events in Colorado.  (Note:  Students may not receive credit for both MTR 1300 and MTR 1400.)
I am stoked to start prepping this and looking into the historical Colorado extremes! 
7.  This fall Dr. Wagner is offering Air Pollution again.  This has always been a hit and an oh-so-relevant topic for us Front Rangers. 

8.  In Sociology they are offering SOC 3770 Society and the Environment, which will focus on living in the anthropocene.  This class sounds fascinating, maybe I will drop in!  

We'll be offering our usual fall line-up as well, but keep in mind Thermo won't be offered until next spring.  Physical and Thermo alternate springs now.

The summer offerings are out now and the fall schedule will be released March 16th and registration for fall begins March 30th.  Summer registration begins March 2.  Get advising early and often!