Saturday, March 11, 2017

Summer Online Course

Join me in my online MTR 1600 Global Climate Change course this summer.  It fulfills the global diversity requirement as well as 3 credits of the science requirement for general studies.  (Note for MTR majors-- this can't count for your global diversity, sorry!)  It's an 8-week course that starts June 5, so we're done by July 29th.  The course is set up as a series of videos with weekly quizzes, four country assignments, and a midterm and final.  Here's a view of the schedule I used last summer, which I set up so students can always work one week ahead in case of a planned summer vacation.  This means you could finish the course in seven weeks.  I imagine this summer's schedule will look very similar, I just haven't created it yet.

Description:  This course presents the science behind global climate change from an Earth systems and atmospheric science perspective. These concepts then provide the basis to explore the effect of global warming on regions throughout the world. This leads to the analysis of the observed and predicted impacts of climate change on these regions; the effect of these changes on each region's society, culture, and economy; and the efforts of these regions to mitigate or adapt to climate change. The interdependence of all nations will be discussed in regards to fossil fuel-rich regions, regions responsible for greenhouse gas emissions, and regions most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.  3 credits. (General Studies:  Natural and Physical Science, Global Diversity requirements)

The CRNs are 42458, 42253, or 42105.  If you notice they are all full, shoot me an email so I can increase enrollments to make room for you.  (