Friday, December 8, 2017

Award-winning poster and upcoming AMS presentations

Jenny Shepard, a senior meteorology student doing a directed study with me this semester won an award for her poster at the Earth and Atmospheric Science fall research poster conference!  She'll be presenting this at the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting in August.  She'll be at the student conference Sunday, Exhibit Hall 5, 6:15-8:15.  She's S26.

Former student Shauna is leading our other poster, which will be similar, but more precipitation-focused.  This one is Tuesday in Exhibit hall 3, 3:45-5:30 #559.

Finally, I'm giving a talk on a programming project I did in my dynamics course in an education session focused on dynamics teaching.  This is Wednesday at 2:30 in Ballroom C.  The session goes from 1:30-3:45 if the topic interests you.